Aled Woosnam

Managing Director

First in the office in the morning and last to leave, Aled is the Managing Director who started AL Technical from the ground up dabbling in all areas of the electrical field from network and data, security systems to electrical installations and everything in-between! Aled is very driven and strives for excellence with everything that he takes on. He is a perfectionist taking pride in everything that he does.

When Aled does find some spare time, you can more than likely find him organising young farmer events for his local community.

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Evie Williams

Central Resource Manager

Evie is our go to person in the office, who overlooks the business utilising her degree in Business Management and Promotion. If you need assistance on any task, Evie is the one to ask. Evie also oversees all marketing, promotion, compliance and logistics for the company. You will find Evie at her desk busy working all hours of the day. 

 Like many of us, Evie enjoys a double Gin when out of the office. In her spare time, you'll find Evie out and about with her puppy Stanley! Alongside Becky, she is known for hosting her world famous
Pub Quizzes.

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Becky Mumby

Accounts Manager

Becky is our brilliant financial guru! Becky comes from a varied background with plenty of banking and customer service experience and she now oversees the accounts here at AL Technical. If you ever have a finance question, she is the person to answer it.

In her spare time, you’ll find Becky out exercising and exploring the local area on long walks with family and friends. Becky is a social butterfly who loves spending time socialising and hosting her world famous Pub Quizzes alongside Evie.

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Sioned Mills

Admin & Sales Assistant

Sioned is our wonderful Administration and Sales Assistant. Sioned is the central person within the office team who has gone from strength to strength since joining the team and now works closely with Marty on the scheduling side of the business. Sioned is currently working towards a degree in Business Management.


In her free time she is the Chairwoman of Abermule Young Farmers Club and on weekends she’s often found in Shrewsbury sampling some of their finest cocktails.

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Phoebe Davies-Evans
Administration Assistant

The youngest member of the office team, Phoebe is the first voice you’ll hear when you call the AL Technical Office. Phoebe is also the newest member of the AL Technical Team. Alongside working with us, she is also undertaking a Level 3 course in Business Management through NPTC College.

In her free time, Phoebe enjoys socialising in and around the local area!


JP Frantz-Morgans

Jean-Pierre, or JP, is our IT & technical support guru! Coming from a background of technical support, JP has spent his career with a number of IT companies building up a wide range of expertise.

JP has recently joined us to become our in-house technical support to help all of our customers with any issues undertaking remote or site support. Whether it's CCTV issues or setting up new devices, JP is on hand to help!

In his spare time JP is currently taking the opportunity to renovate his house now his children have flown the nest and is always keeping up to date with the latest technological advances

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Leo King
Technical Support Assistant

Leo is one of the newest members of the AL Technical Office Team. Leo is our Technical Support Assistant who assists JP in helping all of our customers with their Technical Issues. Leo also joins our engineers on site to assist them with installs and technical aspects of installs.

When not in the office, Leo enjoys playing pool. When he's not out and about Leo enjoys building computers and investigating emerging technology. 


AL Technical Site Team

This is our team of experts, our electricians and their apprentices. They are your engineers, your problem solvers and your emergency electricians, who are highly skilled in AL Technical’s wide service offering. Our team complete work on your projects to the highest quality with great attention to detail. There are some big personalities amongst the team, but don’t be afraid to ask them questions whilst on site.

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